What is PlayInKey ?

PlayInKey.com is a search engine for musical scales that are most commonly used in modern pop, rock and jazz, such as the diatonic scales, melodic and harmonic minor scales and their modes. Instead of trying to compile and exhaustive list of every existing scale in the world, I have decided to try to include only the most common scales. I believe that this way the search results will be more relevant and will therefore be more useful for a typical user, who I imagine to be someone who is just trying to learn some basic music theory and to apply it to his/hers playing and songwriting (please correct me, if I’m wrong).

Play in Key is still at an early stage of development so only the very basic features have been implemented at this point -mainly the ability to search for scales by using a set of notes as a search criteria. I’m currently working on a buch of more advanced features so stay tuned for updates…

About the Blog

I will use this blog mainly to write about topics that are closely related to Play In Key, such as upcoming and recent updates, how to use Play In Key, ideas for new features and about what it is like to be developing PlayInKey. In case I happen to feel inspired to do so, I might occasionally also write about things that are more loosely related to learning music.

About Me

You might wonder who am I to talk about music theory and about learning to play music. First of all, I am not a professional musician and I don’t have formal musical training, so you’re question is justified. If anything, I am an amateur musician and passionate about music (as they say, amateurs do it out of love and not for the money). But even if I claimed to be a professional musician, you would be wise to take the things I say with a grain of salt and let your ears be the final judge about what sounds right to you, as always. If you find errors on the site, please let me know so we can make the site better for everyone.

That being said, I have been playing guitar for almost two decades now and while mostly self taught, in that time I have picked up many little things that I would like to share with other people who are on the same path that I am (plus, I read a lot and my home town has an excellent public library system). Being a software designer by profession, I thought I might as well combine my profession (software development) with my passion (music) and try to build some tools to help people -as well as myself- to understand and to learn music theory from the perspective of an aspiring pop/rock musician.

One of the benefits of me being an amateur musician is that it’s easier for me to identify with someone who is also trying to learn and to get a deeper understanding of music theory and how to apply that knowledge to practice in his/hers playing, songwriting and improvisation, since I’m in that same situation too. On that note, I would also very much like to build a community of fellow musicians and like minded people around PlayInKey, so don’t hesitate to comment or to contact me and let me know what you think it would take to make Play In Key a little bit better from your perspective. After all, the funny thing about music is, that there always seems to be something more to learn…

Best Regards,