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Get mentioned on

Do you have a website or a blog that is related to playing or teaching music? Would you like to get mentioned on If you answered yes to these questions then read further to find out how to get listed as resource on

As you may have noticed, every page that describes a particular scale on has a section titled ‘References & Background’. This section contains links and references to sources that are relevant to that scale. See for example, the page for E Harmonic Minor.

If you have a website or a blog that contains an article related to a particular scale, such as a music lesson, you can get listed as a resource on, which means I will add a link to your article on the page about that scale. In return I ask you to add a link pointing to a page on on your site, that’s all. Seems fair, right?
Use this contact form to get listed! Include the following information in your message:

  • your email so I can contact you
  • the link you would like me to add as a resource
  • a short description (1-2 sentences) about the resource
  • and finally, a link to a page where you will add a link to

You can also use the same form to ask any questions you might have on your mind.